Love is the best and worst feeling
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By Nikolay Tikhomirov

(via silent-hills)


James 2014

This is not a meet & greet.

He is a 17 years old boy from Poland. For years he’s trying to beat brain tumor. Meeting with Metallica was his biggest dream.

A few months before Sonisphere Festival in Poland, he met people from foundation “I have a dream” (polish: Mam Marzenie)

The foundation tries to make incurably ill people’s dreams come true. They decided to help this boy and contacted with Metallica’s manager.

Boy met Metallica before the show in Warsaw. He spent with his idols great moments. After this meeting he recalled:

I remember James’ words: "Polish people are strong. And You are strong too" 

Then, for the first time, he saw Metallica’ live performance, because the foundation in addition to the meeting, assured him concert’ ticket and accommodation” - Source :

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